Fire Rated Glazed Door

PENTEK, EI90 class glazed fire doors are available at SketchUp 3D Warehouse now!

RP-hermetic 70 FP is a reliable steel profile system for fire doors and wall partitions with thermal insulation. They are internationally certified products that provide EI class 30,60,90 minimum fire resistance and prevent the progress of flames and smoke. Thanks to the innovative fire protection infill, it is possible to achieve fire resistance class up to 90 with profile depth of just 70 mm.

Pentek uses the RP Technik steel systems manufactured in Germany and special glasses imported from France and Germany in fire protection systems. The EI Class system prevents the transition of flames and hot gases to the protected side, and also heat transfer by radiation.

The EI Class system prevents the transition of flames and hot gases to the protected side, and also heat transfer by radiation.

Pentek - Camlı Yangın Kapısı - Acıbadem Altunizade Hastanesi
Pentek - Yangına Dayanıklı Cam Bölme Duvar

Fire-Rated Glazed Partition Walls

Elegant and Fire Resistant! Check out EI60 class fire-rated glazed partition walls at SketchUp 3D Warehouse now!

Teamwork, cooperation, communication and socialization… Parameters that are given utmost importance when constructing working environments in today’s business world.

Recently, open offices which facilitate and accelerate communication within the organization, have become frequently preferred. Also, fire safety is sought in business centers where many users are together.

The fire-rated walls produced with the glass-glass (butt-joint) combination technique ensure fire safety without blocking the visual relationship between the spaces. Combined with silicone joints of only 4-5 mm thickness, fire-rated glasses become a monolithic glass wall. In this way, it creates fully transparent surfaces. Moreover, it provides maximum comfort with its high light transmittance and acoustic insulation properties.

Ultra Slim Steel Profile System

“rp fineline” is now available at SketchUp 3D Warehouse! Separate collections are offered for Maximum Transparency Doors, Arched Windows and Single Hug / Tilt and Turn Windows / Fixed Partitions.

rp fineline’s inspiration is the steel profiles developed with the industrial revolution. Along with the industrial revolution, radical changes have occurred in the construction sector with advances in materials and technology. Along with the developing metal technology, steel construction systems were designed, the number of floors in the building doubled or tripled. Most importantly, the developing combination of steel and glass has brought transparency to spaces and has influenced modern architecture around the world. It has found a wide range of use from small workshops to magnificent mansions and even skyscrapers.

Designed with this industrial know-how, Pentek ultra-slim steel joinery looks similar to the profile geometry of the past. Besides, thanks to new production techniques, it makes heat and sound insulation possible with very thin sections. Moreover, it offers solutions compliant with “passive house” standards with triple glazing. It offers technically and aesthetically ideal solutions in various architectural applications from industrial buildings to residences, from urban loft spaces to restoration of historical buildings.

Pentek - İnce Çelik Doğrama - Paris’te Konut Restorasyonu

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