Width: Endless
Height: max. 3.8 m


E 30-60


EI 30-60-90-120
Integrity + Heat insulation


Safety glass
1 (B) 1 – EN 12600

Fire-rated Glazed Partition Walls – butt-joint

Pentek makes possible visually attractive glazed wall partitions that have high fire protection with the narrow steel frames with large glazed areas by butt joint system. With glass to glass joint technique, completely transparent fire-resistant partition walls can be produced without profiles in vertical glass joints.

EI class butt-joint glasses, which become opaque in the event of a fire and form a heat barrier, create a protected escape route for the safe evacuation of the building residents.


    Uninterrupted and elegant open spaces thanks to its appearance compatible with office partition systems.

    An elegant alternative to curved glass with angled turns from 90 ° to 180 ° to glass without profile.


    High light transmission and acoustic insulation for maximum comfort.


    Impact resistant safety glass.

    1 (B) 1 – EN 12600


    Combined with 4-5 mm thin silicone joints, fire resistant glasses become a monolithic glass wall. Provides an unobstructed, clear view.

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Other solutions in E / EI / EW fire resistance classes for 30-60-90-120 minutes:

Profile System Butt-Joint System

Special Technical Features

  • Fire Resistance: E30/60 – EI30/60/90/120 (EN 1364-1)
  • Sound Insulation(max.): Rw (C; Ctr) = 49 (-2; -7) (EN ISO 140-3)
  • Impact Resistance: Safety Glass 1(B)1 (EN 12600)
  • Daylight Permeability (%): 87/8/8 (EN 410)
  • Combination with glass fire doors
  • Angle turns without profile
  • Decorative film can be applied
  • Special applications: Double glazing, Triple Glazing, Special Lamination, Low-E

Tested – Certified Features

Fire proof glass doors and glazed screens of Pentek, certified as a “system” as requested by the authorized institutions for inspection. All components (joinery, glass and hardware) have been tested together.

Pentek produces fire resistant systems in project-specific dimensions following E / EW / EI classes, and assemble it on the building with its expert team.

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