Cero from Solarlux

Discover cero: ceiling-high windows, slim profiles, new perspectives.

Large glass panels, impressive dimensions, design and functionality: our innovative sliding door, cero.

cero – one system, three options

Oversized fixed or mobile cero elements skillfully combine architecture, design and technology. Only 34 millimeters wide, the slim aluminum profile ensures maximum transparency. Hidden frames fit perfectly into floors, walls and ceilings. Glass panels, which can reach a maximum area of 15 square meters and a weight of 1,000 kilograms, move effortlessly thanks to smart technology. System types I, II and III as well as Cero are suitable for different climatic zones. Special designs can be made with the option of covering wood over aluminum.


Design options with cero are as diverse as the application possibilities. System components, including sliding, fixed or corner elements, are combined in an almost infinite number of configurations that include color, style, and much more, providing design flexibility.

comfort and safety

Despite the glass panels that reach 1,000 kilograms, cero sliding doors can be opened and closed easily. It is even easier to move the wings with the optional motorized control system. Cero has been tested and certified according to the highest safety standards. It can be produced in accordance with RC2 or RC3 safety classes. cero can be integrated into an existing, high-level tracking system.


Two unique features in one: window ventilation and innovative car technology. Integrated glass bin ventilation provides side ventilation of the sash and controlled condensate drainage. Stainless steel trolleys that equalize the load distribution are integrated into the wing profile and are protected from dirt by cleaning brushes. In this way, the moving panels continue their smooth and silent movement.

It provides motorized sun protection with guide rails compatible with the frame to optimally shade large glass surfaces. An elegant fly screen can be integrated into the system up to 3 meters high.

cero III
Offering high thermal insulation with triple glazing and 72 mm sash installation depth, cero 3 impresses with its high energy efficiency, which is especially demanded in luxury housing design. Reaching U ≤ 0.80 W / m²K, the system meets passive house standards.

Propertiescero III
Sliding sash (max. Width × max. Height)4 × 6 m / max. wing area 15 m²
Fixed blade (max. Width × max. Height)4 × 6 m / max. wing area 15 m²
Insulating glass (triple glass)48 – 54 mm (ESG) / 50 mm standard
Glass to frame ratio98%
Carrier roller stainless steelsteel carrier roller and running track
Track rail / threshold profileunimpeded transition (DIN 18 025)
Wing weightmax. 1,000 kg
Wing profile surface34 mm all around
Case height0 – 79 mm
Uw calculation (width × height 5 × 2.7 m) standardEN 10 077
Heat barrierframe and wing profiles
Thermal insulation value (glass Ug = 1,1)
Thermal insulation value (glass Ug = 0.5)Uw up to 0.76 W / m²K
Crash rain guardE750 (EN 12 208 / EN 1027)
Air permeability4 (EN 12 207 / EN 12 211)
Wind load resistanceB3 (EN 12 210 / EN 1627)
Burglary resistanceRC3 (WK3), (EN 1628, 1629, 1630 / EN 1627)

Download Now: The new Solarlux App for the iPad

The new Solarlux app “Spaces & Products” is now available in the App Store, free to download! It gives you an insight into the world of Solarlux. High-quality architectural photographs show nationally and internationally realized folding glass doors, conservatories, glass houses and facades which meet the desire for more light and more space. This is supported by a brief description of each object which is linked to appropriate technical documents such as detail sections, data sheets, configurations and much more.

Limit your search by using a multidimensional filter, which shows you the applications, products, materials and systems you want. A free text search also allows you to search for specific keywords. If necessary, you can create, with the help of your own favourites, which are always callable, a set of documents and use them in actual planning situations.

Solarlux Inside

The Solarlux “Inside-App” takes you through the individual options of the bi-folding glass door in six easy steps. The technical details and how they function are clearly explained and can easily be followed in a number of videos. All details are depicted three-dimensionally and can be viewed from different angles and scaled. You can call up the individual steps separately as the app has not been designed as a linear sequence of steps.

App users are invited to select the building type most closely corresponding to the site where the doors are to be installed. They can then view the different design options. The opening and closing process can be simulated by means of a slide control.

In the configuration step both system variants Ecoline and Highline as well as three different floor track options (e.g. flush and/or suitable for living spaces) can be selected. In the next step the videos demonstrate the main technical features of the bi-fold the user can click on at the relevant point in the system.

Finally, different weather and noise conditions as well as a simulated break-in highlight the certified performance features of the bi-folding glass door made by Solarlux. Users can contact Solarlux by completing a form and/or request further detailed material such as brochures and data sheets here.

Our downloads and technical information on the individual products and systems are now available in the new “mySolarlux” portal.

Please register to access technical information and updates about Solarlux and our products.

Made in Germany
Creativity, precision craftsmanship and a close relationship with the customer are core values at Solarlux. Reliable, quality systems and solutions are thus created. Cero is “Made in Germany” down to the last detail. Development, design and production are carried out under the ISO 9001 quality management system by trained Solarlux experts in Melle.

The name Solarlux, a family business from Lower Saxony, has been associated with folding glass doors and oversized glass solutions for more than 30 years. All products are developed, tested and produced at the company headquarters in Melle.

The idea of creating unique products to combine homes with their surroundings in a wide and flexible manner has been alive from day one. Solarlux is today a world-renowned company with the highest standards of design, quality and functionality.

Trained expert engineers, architects and planners are available to assist with unique solutions, technical questions and budgeting. Our team will be at your side, regardless of the size of the project, from taking measurements to planning, from assembly to after-sales service.

Complex construction projects require conscious and detailed planning. While developing projects with Cero, expert architects and field managers with extensive product knowledge and developing extraordinary solutions support you. The entire team is experienced in managing large international construction projects.

Take advantage from Pentek’s experience in the entire project process, from technical specification to planning, from production to assembly.

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