VS1 is a (r)evolutionary advancement in curtain wall technology.

It is an exciting new kit of parts that provides the means to a higher level of design.

Use it to achieve excellent architecture.


The flexibility and efficiency of the VS1 system allow architects to bring to life ideas and designs that were technically out of reach or prohibitively expensive. VS1 has been utilized in a diverse array of commercial and residential projects around the world in pursuit of excellent architecture.


QA Tower in Dhaka: Twisting VS1 Walls

The new QA Tower in Dhaka, Bangladesh features warped glass panels that together achieve a remarkable twisting effect.

Wanda Vista Tower in Chicago: 10-story VS1 Cube

The new 95-story Wanda Vista Tower in Chicago will feature a 40′ VS1 cubical vestibule above the entryway providing stunning, clear views of the river and nearby city.

New Statue of Liberty Museum: Two VS1 Walls

The new Statue of Liberty Museum, to be opened to the public in 2019, will feature two VS1 walls and a VS1 all-glass elevator enclosure.

Cummins Technology Center in India: World’s largest faceted wall

The new Cummins Technology Center will house 2,000 engineers and features a 120,000 square-foot VS1 facade of glass and terracotta. The geometrically complex wall will be the largest faceted wall in the world.

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