German engineering in fire rated doors: RP Technik

Pentek Fire Rated Doors

RP Technik is a subsidiary of global steel giant Technik GmbH Welser, glazed fire doors, steel frames and façade production assurance with Pentek now in Turkey.

Pentek glazed fire doors, partition walls and facade systems create escape corridors and safe zones without compromising the free use of natural light, enabling multifunctional use of spaces.

The high melting temperature makes glass steel fire doors unique for their long durability.

Pentek produces glass fire doors with certified E / EW / EI resistance classes specifically for the project. With its stainless steel and painted steel alternatives, it offers German RP Technik quality to the service of architecture in qualified applications where prestige and security are indispensable.

Constructing wide-span buildings with slim profile sections is only possible with steel. With its superior quality and design, RP Technik makes wide and high dimensions applicable in steel profiles, single and double-wing doors and partition walls.

With its stainless-steel option, the system served a

The system, which is also available in a stainless steel, is offered with equipment that meets all needs.

Sophisticated, functional and transparent RP Technik curtain wall systems stand out with the strength of steel in modern designs that push the limits. RP HERMETIC and FERRO WICTEC systems with profile depths between 45-180 mm; It has high bearing capacity, thermal insulation and fire resistance features that make it possible to pass wide glass openings.

The RP Technik “Fineline” system offers elegance with its thin (36 mm) cross-section in the restoration of historical buildings following the original.

The Fineline system provides fire safety as well as thermal insulation with its double glazing applicability and E / EW fire resistance certificates.

The superior properties and advantages of steel stand out in the building industry. Reaching maximum openings with thin profile sections in architectural designs is only possible with steel.

Along with these, steel is a material that contributes to environmental sustainability by being recyclable. Stability and safety are among the main priorities of the R&D team in the design of RP Technik profile systems. Its safety feature has been tested and certified.

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