RP-hermetic 90 FP EI 120 stands for fire safety and meets maximum demands for technical functionality with thermal insulation. It is an internationally certified glazed screen system that provides EI Class 120 minutes of minimum fire resistance.

The wall partition allows architects design freedom in addition to maximum comfort and security. The system is suitable for use wherever interior or exterior.

Pentek uses the RP Technik steel systems manufactured in Germany and fire-rated glasses imported from France and Germany in fire protection systems.


  • Fire Protection Class: EI (integrity and insulation)
  • Fire Resistance Duration: 120 min.
  • Fire Resistance Certification + Test Report for the system (frame+glass)
  • Fire Resistance Certification + Test Report for hardware (door closer, hinge, panic bar, planet drop seal etc…)
  • Certificates: ISO 9001, OHSAS, FPC, CE
  • Standarts: EN 1634-1, EN 1633-1, EN 14600, BS 476

Fire-rated Glass
Class: EI
Duration: 120 min


Galvanized Steel Profile


Intumescent Gasket


Electrostatic Powder Coating


Heat Barrier (Calcium Silicate)


Steel and stainless steel are perfect for heavily visited buildings due to it’s high material strength minimum low maintenance needs.

  • Airports, Hospitals, Cultural Centers, Sports Centers, Otels, Shopping Malls, Factories, Data Centers, public institutions, residential and office buildings, dormitories etc…

Fire-rated Glazed Door
Fire-rated glazed doors are structural elements that prevent the fire from spreading inside the building. They create escape corridors throughout the durability period and allow people to evacuate from the building easily. Until the fire department intervenes, it prevents the increase of possible material damage by trapping the fire in a compartment. Fire-rated glazed doors also differ in terms of production methods compared to panel fire doors or fire doors with glass panel. They are produced in desired width-height values, provided that they are within the fire regulations and test dimensions. They offer design freedom for architecture.

Fields of application
Hospitals, airports, business and cultural centers, hotels, shopping malls, public buildings, factories, residences, educational institutions, student dormitories, data centers, etc.

Technical Specifications
Doors produced in E / EW / EI classes provide 30, 60, 90, 120 minutes of fire protection. Fire-resistant glass and steel joinery have been tested and certified according to EN 1634-1, EN 1633-1, EN 14600, BS 476 standards. All equipment used in the system is fire resistant. It provides high corrosion resistance with innovative zinc-magnesium dip-coating technology.

Quality Guarantee Documents


Pentek is the sole representative of German steel profile system manufacturer RP Technik in Turkey. We produce fire-rated glass doors in E/EW/EI certified in providing resistance 30/60/90/120 minutes, steel structural (door / fixed division), theft and bullet-resistant systems and glazed steel facades.

Take advantage from Pentek’s experience in the entire project process, from technical specification to planning, from production to assembly.


Special Technical Features

  • High corrosion resistance with new generation Zinc-Magnesium Coated Hot Dip Galvanised Steel
  • Powder Coated – endless color option
  • The same visual height for all door systems
  • Automation and controlled access systems

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